Many clients have reported greater mobility in their necks, greatly decreased pain, and an improved feeling of being grounded in their bodies. I often hear the statement, “Wow! It’s like I have a brand new neck.” — Steve Crosby

“Steve is an amazing bodyworker and I should know, I work in the field and I’m very selective about who I invest my money and time with. As a therapist, Steve is in my top five for skill and sensitivity. No two sessions are alike and I love that. If my neck is bothering me or I’m having headaches, he’s the first one I call!”
— E.F., RN, LMT Gainesville, FL

“My daughter has experienced pain from a back injury sustained during athletic competition. Most physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments have proven to be too harsh. Steve’s work is gentle, but phenomenally helpful in reducing my daughter’s discomfort and the root causes of the pain.”
— S.T., Gainesville, FL

The neck work I receive from Steve is wonderful. I suffer from occasional neck pain and headaches and his massage gives me long lasting relief from my symptoms. The way he works is so gentle and soothing, it allows me to drop into a peaceful state of reality.
— N.B., Gainesville, FL