I am grateful to offer:
Relief from neck pain.
Decreased frequency and intensity of headaches.
Increased mobility in the neck.
Relief from jaw pain. Relief from shoulder pain.
Relief from repetitive stress and pain in the hands and forearms.
Decreased feeling of stress and tightness in the shoulders and neck.
Having suffered from all of these conditions I understand what a burden they can be on everyday life. Upon graduating from the Florida School of Massage in 2004, I dedicated all of my advanced training to these issues. My goal was to find a way to decrease my own suffering. Through these classes I not only gained many self-care tools to assist myself, I also learned how to assist others in finding relief for themselves.

The work I do is a gentle “unwinding” of the tissues surrounding the neck, shoulders and jaw. This provides a slow-moving and meditative contact that often results in an immediate blissful state of relaxation, followed by long-lasting relief of symptoms.

With repeated sessions, followed at home by simple self-care exercises, many clients have reported greater mobility in their necks, greatly decreased pain, and an improved feeling of being grounded in their bodies. I often hear the statement, “Wow! It’s like I have a brand new neck.”